Sunday, July 13, 2008

Downtown & the Statue of Liberty

Today I decided to go see the Statue of Liberty- even though I feel like it's the most over-rated tourist attraction in New York. It's seriously not that big. I remember the first time that Kristen and I went to see it, we couldn't find it for a couple of minutes because we were expecting it to be some towering monument.

Anyway, I stopped for a quick second at the World Trade Center Site... they've put barricades all up over the sides of the streets and have employed traffic cops to stand at every 5 feet along the fence and have given them the overbearing power of having whistles. You think that when the government executes the largest planned demolition/murder in history, they would at least let us see where it happened. Why can't we see in there? I smell foul play...

I walked around downtown for a little bit before I hopped on the water taxi to IKEA Brooklyn! I absolutely love riding this thing! The store hasn't been opened for a month yet, and I bet I have been on this thing at least 10 times! It's the best free ride EVER! 

After IKEA, I had a few friends over to celebrate the fact that we didn't have enough money to go anywhere else! Haha. We learned to never walk barefoot on the roof again, I have no clue what rooftops are made of, BUT IT IS VERY DIRTY!!

Me and my friend Emma, isn't she gorgeous?!

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