Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tres exciting...

Hey all!

Sooooo... nothing really exciting has happened in the past couple of days. I ended up not going on that train ride upstate yesterday. Instead I went to see my friends' new apartment in Brooklyn. It's really nice, it was just built and all of their neighbors were moving in too. Although I wouldn't ever live there, it's too far of a walk from the subway. It's in Bushwick, so the neighborhood is ALL Puerto Rican. I think it's fun. Puerto Ricans are a riot!

Work is plentiful, which is good! I'm no longer poor! Hahah...

The party that happened at work today was absolutely fabulous! My mom told me today that she might come visit me sometime before the summer ends. YOU SHOULD ALL TELL HER THAT SHE NEEDS TO DO IT!!

My mom is fabulous, and I can't wait until I have enough  money to make her move to New York and be a fabulous rich superstar/wonderwoman. 

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