Saturday, July 19, 2008


I had a LOOONG night last night, and didn't end up getting out of bed this morning until around 4pm- I AM SO LAZY!

Anyway, I had an eventful day. First, I went to visit my friend John at his work because he just got back from his 2 week vacation to Acapulco! 

I am jealous of:
1. people with enough money to vacation
2. John's tan
3. friends with air conditioners. DONATE to my PayPal account so I can buy one!! (

John works in a high-end vintage shop. High-end enough to let me sit on the custom made cashmere sofa that was on it's way out the door to be shipped to Vienna. Oh, did I mention that it cost a billionaire $300,000. No big deal, right?

After that, I went to check out the grand opening of the new Dylan's Candy Bar. Oh god, our store is WAY TOO BIG now. It was too crazy in there- I couldn't stay long. Pictures soon! 

For the rest of my night, I had the pleasure of falling victim to Isaac's bad attitude. We ate at a restaurant in the Village called "Bambeo" (or something like that). Isaac yelled at me for just about everything that was happening from the absence of air conditioning, to the extra cup of salsa we had to order that cost an extra 60 cents. Afterwards, he forced me to sit at an obscene fat-free yogurt shop that smelled like sour milk. Bambeo was definitely an experience. Not sure if I would ever go back. The food was great, but all the servers were severely unprofessional and rude. I have no idea what MSG tastes like, but we decided that there was a lot in our food, because our stomachs had this weird bursting sensation for the next couple of hours. 

After leaving Isaac, I found a sexy little coffee shop in SoHo called Think Coffee. I had an iced green tea that was phenomenal, minus the whole situation still happening in my stomach from Bambeo. I will definitely be going back here. It is officially added to my list of places to take you all when you visit!

I hope you all like the new music feature I added to the page! I'm going to try and change the song every day or so. You will love my music. Haha. 

Tomorrow I have plans to go to Brooklyn to see Mamma Mia with Hussein & Emma. FABULOUS. I cannot wait to watch another Meryl Streep movie. I might pee my pants. 

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I want to have coffee here!!