Wednesday, October 28, 2009

...what a way to make a livin'!

Yesterday was such a great day. I feel like I’m starting to reach the pinnacle of my time in New York thus far; I feel like I'm starting to achieve real goals, things that I set out to New York in the first place for.

Now that I have been working for the magazine for 11 months, my Editor has trusted me with more and more important tasks. I started out doing office work, I moved up to writing film and theatre reviews, on top of listings for a weekly column that appears in the middle of the magazine. Just recently I've had the opportunity to write feature articles that appear not only on the cover of the magazine, but in full-page spreads throughout. Needless to say, I'm very proud of what I've been able to accomplish while working for them.

Just recently, my Editor gave me the task of hunting down a drag/comedic group and writing an article about them for the issue due out in the first week of November. Just yesterday, I got to meet with one of the members of the group and give my first interview! It was great, I feel so accomplished. I was nervous at first (I've heard some interviews from hell), but as soon as we sat down, I wasn't nervous anymore; it was actually pretty fun!

Anyway, now that the interview is complete, I have the daunting task of writing up an article about the group. I feel a lot of pressure, because the group is just starting to get a lot of recognition in the community, and this is going to be their publication debut. I hope I do them justice!

Wish me luck :)

Cherry cherry boom boom

I officially got the last pieces of my Halloween costume yesterday; now it's officially complete.

Can you guess who I am!?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

White Houses

I spoke with a friend via facebook wall the other day (I've been waiting so long to legitimately use that sentence somewhere), and our conversation struck an interesting chord in me. We were talking about all of the fun things that we used to do in high school— the friends that we had, the endless nights we would spend complaining about boyfriends, late-night car rides we shared, concerts we went to, teachers we had— and we both agreed that we would do anything at this point in our lives to go back and live in the na├»vety of our high school years if only for one more day. Funny, I can't remember liking anything about my high school years when I was there.

Isn't it ironic how we spend every moment of our lives trying to advance and get ahead to the next stage, yet once we get there, we consume ourselves with thoughts of the 'good ol' days' and how much we want everything to be as simple as it was back then?

Silly, isn't it?

When I first moved into the dorms on 55th Street, the only thing anyone ever wanted to do was go apartment hunting (or worse— jump out of a window!), but now that I have an apartment (that comes with an oh-shit price tag), I would love to spend just another semester back in the simplicity of the dorms.

I wish I had some great philosophical conclusion for you, but I'm still trying to sort it all out myself. Isn't it dangerous to linger in the past? And if so, how much are we aloud to leave behind once we get to the 'next stage?'

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A break

I can't believe I've been away for this long! It's been seven months already, and I swear I've gone slightly crazy during that time. Maybe writing and making videos was therapeutic for me?

I need to tell everyone about everything that's going on with me, there's no way that I can stay away any longer. Look out, kiddos. The return of SkatMatt is upon us :D