Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have decided today that I am too judgmental.

I went for my first time last night to the LGBT Center here in the city to volunteer. I have always wanted to volunteer, and have just figured that now would be the best time to do it. I was the proud wristband-putter-on-er for a new play that the Center was hosting called "Loaded". I didn't quite catch what it was about. From the crowd, I gather that it is about a young boy and an older man that fall in love after being fuck buddies for quite some time. Whatever.

The people that I was working side-by-side with, I realized, I would have easily made fun of had I seen them on the street. Patrick was wearing all second-hand clothes, and had on a bright yellow suede suit jacket. Allen was wearing a funny baret, and a plaid shirt that was probably bought in a corner bodega. Because none of my friends were with me, I was forced to not only hold back from pointing out their flaws, but talk to them, and realize that I have missed probably some of the most interesting people in my lifetime because I was too busy obsessing over how they looked.

Time after time, someone with a funny hat, or a seemingly homeless person would walk in the front doors; they were greeted just the same as everyone that walked in before and after them: with a smile. There were so many people walking around the Center, and there was no hate. It was such a neutral zone, that I feel like I want to go back every day.

I met a transgender individual. His name was Dave. It was absolutely amazing to see everyone talking and laughing and smiling with Dave, and Dave's gender was the last thing on their mind.

The Center definitely gave me a reality check last night. I'm not to sure yet, maybe they are all just social degenerates that accept each other because they have no one else. Or maybe, there really are people this loving left in the world. Either way, I feel like I need more of it.


Mike said...

That's great that you went to volunteer. And reality checks can be a good thing as well. I hope you decide to go back.

Anonymous said...

Life is the greatest teacher of all,I am sure you will graduate with honors.
Aunt Beck