Saturday, January 31, 2009

San Francisco

It is so cold in New York City right now. I was thinking earlier about how many of my friends have told me that they cannot stand the cold weather, and would much rather live in a warmer climate. I really HATE being cold as well, but I can definitely remember back to times during the summer where I was sweating so obscenely that I would have given anything to lay in the snow at that moment.

I really wish that there was a city that always had a steady temperature. From what I hear, San Francisco is pretty nice all year-round, and I've had many people tell me that I would fit in well in San Francisco. (Insert obvious joke here) I once asked a girl that was born in California, and raised in various coastal cities: If I were to be a city in California, which one would I be? Her answer was San Francisco.

I know that the only reason I moved to New York instead of California was because I knew one day in the future I would end up settling down in California; I needed to get New York out of my system before then. I wanted to not regret the "what if" questions one day when I was old. Is it worth it to stay somewhere that I know I won't want to be in ten years?

I sit here and look at the screen, not wondering what I wanted to accomplish in this entry. What do you think? Would you live somewhere you loved even if you hated the weather 9 months of the year? Would you begin building a life in a city that you didn't want to settle down in?

I'm not thinking about moving anytime soon, but sitting near the window at Panera is making me really cold and bitter..... grrrr...

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