Saturday, August 9, 2008

Meeting Blake Lively :]


We were cleaning up at work on Thursday night, and LeslieAnn told us that she thought she saw Blake Lively shopping in the store downstairs. Of course, our first reaction was to drop everything, scream, and run downstairs. haha.

Upon doing so, we definitely found Blake Lively buying candy! For those of you who don't know Blake Lively, she was in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and is now in Gossip Girl. We made her sign a mini bin and fill it with candy (we do to all the celebrities), and then forced her to take pictures with us. She was SOOOO nice! She kept telling us how nice it was to meet everyone, and her dad even took my card! He told me that he may be back one day to throw a party. I. WOULD. DIE. 

There were also Oompa Loompas at work today. Is this not the most degrading job EVER?

Me, Mariah, Nowani, and LeslieAnn went out after work to El Cantinero. El Cantinero is a stuffy little Mexican restaurant downtown that is like a constant fiesta. We wanted to go to Harlem and get soul food, but Sylvia's was closed, and El Cantinero stays open late. 

GOOD THING THEY DO, TOO! We stayed until 1 in the morning, and I'm sure our waiter hated us. Hahah....

No work today. I am going to buy things for my room. I need new picture frames....

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mom said...

Nice job! Keep it coming :)