Sunday, August 3, 2008

Katie moves in!

Hey all :]

What a busy weekend!!

Basically my entire weekend was consumed by work, and helping my best friend Katie move in to her new apartment! She just got this beautiful high rise apartment on the 14th floor of a beautiful building with a view of the river that is to die for!! She even has a balcony! Katie's mom recruited a man off of the street to do our heavy lifting for us... hahah. That was an adventure! I went with her to drop the rental van off downtown, and remembered why I will never drive in NYC.

We discovered a really great restaurant right by her, and I tried motza for the first time! OH. MY. GOD. It is SO GOOD! I swear, ever since I had it, I've been eating it up at work like it's the last thing I'll ever have (except the motza at work is covered in chocolate... probably not so good!). I encourage you all to go out and try motza! It's delicious! ALSO, make sure you experiement cooking with cumin powder... it's some of the best stuff I've had!

Work has been absolutely amazing. I now have new responsibilities, meaning that I am there A LOT more than I used to be! I love it though, because I absolutely LOVE my job. I seriously think that as each day goes by, I realize more and more that I have the most amazing job in the world. I feel blessed, because not many people are able to say the same. I never liked kids until I started working this job, and now I can't wait to see them every day!!

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