Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Soft hair and Sweden!

Hey all :]

I have an interesting story, to say the least. 

All right, so I was at Katie's house, reading Cosmo, when I found out that putting olive oil, mayonnaise, and eggs in your hair can actually strengthen it! I was so amazed, that I decided to give it a shot! Here are some photos of the hilarity that ensued: 

Call me crazy, BUT IT WORKED!! My hair was smoother than a baby's behind! You should all try it, its just 1/4 cup each of olive oil, mayo, and eggs, and voila! SOFT HAIR!!

PS- Don't ask me why I'm wearing a towel. Hahah :]

Today at work, we met a bunch of amazing people from Sweden. They were awesome. I wish I could have remembered their names, but they were too hard to pronounce/remember. Anyway, we learned that college is free in Sweden, and the government pays for your housing and gives you money while you go to school because they don't want you to work! OH MY GOD. I really need to think about going to Sweden!

They told me about this place online where you can find people your age in other countries who are willing to let you sleep on their couch because you don't have a lot of money for hotels. I think I'm going to look into that, it would be great to travel Europe sometime soon!!

I went to see the water downtown, isn't the view of New Jersey beautiful?

Then I stopped to see some puppies in the window. I NEED ONE!!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to Europe with you...
Auntie Judy

Becky said...

Europe is awesome...glad your hair feels like a baby's butt...HA

mom said...

I know you'll pick me first :-)
Thanks for keeping this up, I love it