Friday, January 8, 2010

Rampant Resolutions

Wait, it's a new year already?

I'm fine with letting each day mesh into the next, but heaven forbid we don't create an excuse to have a party over the change of digits on the World Clock! I'm in it to win it; any excuse to rekindle my flaky relationship with José Cuervo is a good one to me.

The thing I really don't get about New Years is the notion of resolutions. Why do people make New Years resolutions? Better yet- do you know anyone who has ever been able to stick with them? Everyone wants to lose weight, stop smoking, work out, eat healthier, find a new job— what makes them think today is any different than yesterday? If you ask me, I would venture to guess that people wouldn't have any more self-control to do these things on January 1st than they did on April 16th.

If you want to lose weight and stop smoking, why do you need a holiday to celebrate it? I'm all about taking charge of your own life; do the things you want to do today.

C'est la vie, 2010!

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