Sunday, October 12, 2008

Floja Sunday

Once again, it is a LAZY Sunday.

I have no plans, although I really want to get out of the house and grab something to eat. I'm thinking maybe a cafe in SoHo? Sometimes I just love to get off the train and walk around Prince Street- there is so much to find in that part of town!

Last night I went to visit a friend that works at Pinkberry. What is Pinkberry, you ask?

Pinkberry is a store that has mastered the art of selling spoiled milk to thousands of people every day. I don't understand it. It's supposed to be "fat-free, frozen yogurt", but we all know how fat-free yogurt tastes like sour milk...

Pinkberry sells you a cup of sour milk, and fresh fruit toppings. In WHAT world do people find this appetizing?? Thank god I got mine for free! :]

On my way home, I totally saw a gorgeous view of the city standing at the train platform on Astoria Blvd. I was going to take a picture for all of you, but my camera's battery was dead :[ Sorry!!

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