Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Whitney

Hey all :]

VERY floja Sunday today... (floja = lazy, en español)

I went to The Whitney Museum of American Art. It was tres interesting. I was forced to go for my Communications Today class, but actually found one of the exhibits pretty interesting. This artist, Paul McCarthy, made this exhibit of installations that questioned "space". It challenged what our minds think of the space we're in, and worked against your mind in order to make a rather inviting space seem very uninviting.

Flash forward: there was the awesome piece that was a room. There were four walls, and a door inside of each wall. When you walked inside of it, all of the walls opened, and all of the doors started slamming in the sides of the walls. Then, the walls would slam shut back into the room, and it would start all over again. It was pretty cool to see how people were reacting to it... MINUS the hordes of screaming children that were giggling while jumping in and out of the doors.

There are some places that are acceptable for children, but a museum is NOT one of them... when will people learn!?

There was also this other piece, called the Dymaxion Map. It was a huge map of the world that was painted on the floor. The whole idea was that the map was all spread out in an odd way, it minimized distortion that other maps and globes create. Somehow, parents had turned this into some sort of Find that Country exercise.

REALLY PEOPLE???? Why didn't you just stay home!?

I went to Central Park afterward. Isn't it sad that this is probably one of the last nice days we are going to see?

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